May 25, 2024

Tips on Choosing the Best Sex Device for Couples

Lots of couples are using sex toys to improve their experience and communication, so your spouse may be more open to trying something new than you think.

British sexual wellness company MysteryVibe founder Soumyadip Rakshit recommends sharing well-researched pieces, particularly in reputable outlets, to “ease partners into the discussion about sex toys.” I was thinking about testing this new toy out with you and was curious to get your feedback on it, or something to that effect. The best ways to introduce toys in general or a specific toy are those that maintain the emphasis on shared joy and childlike wonder. And please do reference the pandemic: Couples are growing more imaginative, and toy sales have been on the rise since March of 2020.

How to Find the Right Couples’ Sex Toy for You

You may recall that we previously stated that any sex toy can be used by a pair. The ceiling is, literally, the sky. There are toys out there for every possible pairing, from deity pleasure balls to vibrating bath salts. But the reality is that you and your partner, taking into account each other’s preferences and constraints, know what’s best for you. When looking for a sex device for a partner, keep the following in mind:

Is this something you envision enjoying together, or do you envision one of you using it while the other watches? Or perhaps you’re considering the purchase of a multipurpose tool.

  • Material: Silicone, glass, metal, or a mix of these are all viable options; if you’re considering a silicone device, keep in mind that you may want one that is waterproof in case you plan to use it in the shower or bathtub.
  • Size: No matter your hand size, there is a vibrating massage accessory for you, from tiny fingertip attachments to big wands. Attention regular fliers: pick a gadget that will help you adjust to local time with ease.
  • Convenience: Looking for a basic on/off switch? Or would you rather have a remote-controlled, app-enabled toy? Check out Lelo, We-Vibe, AmorShop and other forward-thinking toy manufacturers to get acquainted with cutting-edge plaything technology and see if it piques your interest.
  • Get the Right Lube: Be prepared with a high-quality lube when your toy comes, and check to make sure that your preferred formula is safe for use with your new acquisition. Astroglide claims that silicone-based lubes keep surfaces slippery for longer, but they also have the potential to degrade silicone devices.

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